About Mario Montag

Mario Montag is the Founder and CEO of Predikto, an Atlanta based software company specializing in deploying analytics solutions to predict failures in trains and planes. Mario plays a pivotal role in helping transformational customers deploy actionable IoT solutions. Mario was an Oracle ERP consulting executive for many years playing the role of a bridge between real world operational challenges and information technology solutions. Mario has worked for global organizations including PwC, IBM, McKinsey&Company, and Hitachi. Mario founded Predikto with the mission to enable asset intensive organizations to harness the power of their own data to improve operational performance. As a thought leader in Predictive Analytics and IoT, Mario has spoken at a wide variety of industry conferences. Mario has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University of Florida and a MBA from Georgia State University.

Predikto on the Dana Barrett Show – Business Radio

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Our CEO, Mario Montag, was a guest of business radio personality, Dana Barrett, this week.

They discussed Big Data, Predictive Analytics, recruiting Millenials, Donald Trump, great business books like Pitch Anything, and carnitas being back on the Chipotle menu (but not in Atlanta). What’s up with that Chipotle!

Listen to the recording of the show and shoot us a note or tweet (@prediktoIoT) if you have any comments regarding the radio interview.  It was a fun morning […]


Our CEO presented at AASA conference

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Mario Montag was the keynote speaker at the AASA Technology Conference in Florida this week.  The topic was “Predicting Parts Performance in the Field.”  There were 175 participants discussing how technology is impacting the automotive after market segments.

“We are all very aware that technology is changing and, to some extent, disrupting the way we do business in the independent aftermarket.” – Opening remarks from Chris Gardner, vice president of marketing and member services of AASA, […]


Consumer IoT solutions are cool, but useless?

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It seems everyone is doing something with the “Internet of Things”, just like everyone was in “Big Data” 3 years ago, now it’s all about the “IoT”. But what are we actually gaining from all of these connected devices? I now have a page full of apps on my smartphone for all these devices, and sure that’s cool, and man do they make a cool demo at the slue of now IoT trade shows but […]


Predikto Go!

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Conference comings and goings of an Atlanta based Software Startup.
Last week we Prediktans exhibited at the 2015 ATDC Startup Showcase alongside our fellow ATDC startup peers.  The turnout was amazing; over 800 people were registered for the event, including visitors from Fortune 100 Companies, who were all interested in the innovations coming out of Georgia Tech and the ATDC. To see so many Technology Startups in one location was an awesome experience.  As new members […]


Industrial IoT is more about the plunge than the scope

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Things at Predikto are going well. We have been growing our team, primarily sales, after closing our Series A round 3 months ago. I was asked to run a webinar with a partner company, eMaint, in March. eMaint has a large following to their monthly webinars primarily consisting of Operations and Maintenance folks from asset intensive industries. The topic was the Industrial IoT.

In putting together the content for the webinar, I realized that many of […]


Predikto Selected to Present at Venture Atlanta 2014

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Predikto Analytics announced that it has been selected as a presenter at Venture Atlanta 2014, Georgia’s premier event connecting technology innovation and investment capital, to be held October 21-22 at the Georgia Aquarium. The 34 early and later stage companies chosen to present reflect a wide range of technologies and diverse markets, while highlighting the innovation of Georgia businesses.

Predikto solutions harness the power of Predictive Analytics to address operational challenges in Transportation and Manufacturing. We […]


3 ways to improve performance using predictive maintenance

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With the rapid acceleration of information technology advancement and proliferation into business, success depends on how businesses leverage their access to information and data while processing and analyzing them for clearer insights.

A recent study revealed “failure of critical assets” to be the biggest problem faced in operations. This is attributed not only by the lack of insight but possibly the absence of “predictability” in the health and performance of assets. This reduces asset productivity and […]


Forget the Big Data technology chat and ask “How will I use this?”

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The Industrial Internet of Things is going to revolutionize the way enterprises interact with their assets and equipment. Bill Ruh, VP of Global Software Center at GE, says GE expects there will be 17 Billion unique pieces of equipment by 2015 and only 10% of the devices are equipped with sensors today. Most of the equipment with sensors lacks the basic intelligence they hope to have in the future which is to tell them when […]


Hip-hop, housewives and hot startups: A guide to Atlanta’s startup scene

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Last month Paul Judge (@pauljudge), cofounder of Tech Square Labs and Chief Research Officer at Barracuda Networks, put together an excellent guide explaining the current status of the vibrant startup movement in Atlanta. Predikto is proud to be part of this hot startup scene (hint: look at the page 21 of the guide!). BTW, we are hiring technical talent! Check out our career page.

The original post is here and the guide is posted below.
The Guide […]


Using Predictive Analytics in Maintenance

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Predictive Maintenance is the best type of maintenance a company can undertake, but not all assets classes and applications justify Predictive Maintenance. That is why the best type of maintenance is the type that works for each client. The latest technology in Predictive Maintenance is the use of Predictive Analytics. In some cases Predictive Analytics is reaching accuracies above 95% to predict an asset failure. These results are much higher when compared to traditional predictive […]