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Using Predictive Analytics in Maintenance

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Predictive Maintenance is the best type of maintenance a company can undertake, but not all assets classes and applications justify Predictive Maintenance. That is why the best type of maintenance is the type that works for each client. The latest technology in Predictive Maintenance is the use of Predictive Analytics. In some cases Predictive Analytics is reaching accuracies above 95% to predict an asset failure. These results are much higher when compared to traditional predictive […]


Here comes the flood-analytics, Manufacturing Industries!

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Yes – we have heard about the magic of predictive analytics and how it has helped various companies and industries in predicting the rise and fall of companies’ finances, social media and marketing and such but could the same predictive analytics methods aid manufacturing industries today?

According to Bala Deshpande’s article, manufacturing industries are not entirely oblivious to the idea of collecting data. As a matter of fact, you could call them ‘The Forefathers of Data […]


Maintenance Analytics to Generate $24.7 Billion in 2019

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Predikto was recently featured in a  Maintenance Analytics report by ABI Research. The London based Research group forecasts that revenues from maintenance analytics will total $9.1 billion this year. The market’s size will reach $24.7 billion in 2019, driven largely by adoption of predictive analytics and M2M connectivity.

Senior analyst Aapo Markkanen comments, “Today, predictive maintenance is one of the commercially readiest forms of M2M and IoT analytics, possibly second only to usage-based insurance. It helps […]


Preventive Vs. Predictive Maintenance

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You are about to leave on a road trip vacation. Before leaving you checked the fluid levels, made an oil change, and checked the tires. You are diligent about performing the manufacturer recommended maintenance. This is called Preventive Maintenance. You’re, in a preventive way, trying to assure that your machine will be running with no problems. And this is the exact same process big asset-intensive companies do with their preventive maintenance programs.

But, is that […]


Is your organization part of the top 4%?

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It is not a secret that the amount of data generated in the last decade is big enough to equate multiple times the knowledge that humanity build out since its conception. A big chunk of it, is generated by sensors and pieces of equipment, and only a small proportion of that information is used by companies and corporations to learn about their past to understand the present, and finally predict the future.

All the ingredients are […]


Uptime Magazine – Can Your Machine Tell You When It Will Fail In The Future?

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Predikto will be featured in Uptime Magazine  Feb 2014 issue with an article about Predictive Analytics called “Can Your Machine Tell You When It Will Fail In The Future?”.

The mission of Uptime Magazine is to make maintenance reliability professionals and asset managers safer and more successful by providing case studies, tutorials, practical tips, news, book reviews, and interactive content.

To view the article, click on the image below.

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M2M Analytics Will Generate $14 Billion by 2018

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Senior analyst, Aapo Markkanen, from ABI Research forecasts that the M2M analytics and big data industry will grow 53.1% over the next 5 years from US $1.9 billion in 2013 to US $14.3 billion in 2018.

The forecast includes revenue segmentation for the five components that together enable analytics to be used in M2M services:
1) Data integration
2) Data storage
3) Core analytics
4) Data presentation
5) Associated professional services

Predikto is uniquely positioned to make an impact in this transformational […]


If it has sensors and it failed in the past, we can predict future failures!

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Predictive Analytics is a proven technology for detecting and diagnosing emerging reliability problems far earlier than traditional methods. It is also a non intrusive method that should not be introduced to complete other predictive maintenance techniques and processes.

Some maintenance experts or operational executives believe it is difficult to predict failures in advance. They are correct that is is difficult, but Predikto makes the process very simple by performing a Proof of Concept on a few […]


Reliability Analytics – Get Ready For It

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Predikto spent two days at the SMRP show in Indianapolis last week. It was our first show and there were hundreds of representatives from many large organizations looking to learn about the latest technologies and process improvements to increase asset reliability and maintenance. It was very interesting to see Predictive Analytics or Reliability Analytics (as some people call it) as a trend that everyone was talking about and very few companies are actively doing. Some […]


Reactive Maintenance and the Telephone Booth

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I was walking through the streets of New York recently and ran into a public telephone booth. I was amazed at my reaction since phone booths are almost extinct. Earlier that day my family went to the Museum of Natural History to see dinasours up close and personal, and it’s amazing how all these different and interconnected animals are extinct as well. It got me thinking as to what practices in industrial manufacturing would become […]