A Texan’s guide to Predictive Maintenance

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Having lived in Texas I was always amused by the sayings. Most of the time they were polite and humorous ways to flag stupidity or make a point. So with that I will use some popular sayings to relay some best practices in a Predictive Maintenance project.

All hat and no cattle

A lot of companies start their predictive maintenance efforts with their current big iron vendors. I shake my head every time an IBM commercial comes […]


What makes a successful UI for a startup?

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No one really knows… until they have some real customers and real users.

Friends reach out for help when joining a new early stage startup, or looking for ideas on what it would take to build a UI for a startup they are thinking about starting.  This is some of the info I give them, so I figured this might help others to.  Is this “best practices”, or “industry standards”? No, but might lead you to the […]


The many faces of maintenance

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When referring to maintenance, people often forget to distinguish between different kinds of maintenance. Yet, correctly separating each kind is a pre-requisity for a well-managed business.

The first kind of maintenance is one we all know from taking our cars to the garage for a time- (i.e. annual) or distance-(i.e. every 10,000 miles) based check. During these routine maintenance, several parts, such as oil filters or brake pads, are being replaced as part of a preventive […]


Your forecast isn’t good enough

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Here’s something newcomers to predictive analytics often feel: “this forecast isn’t good enough for me to do anything with it”.
How can I better illustrate this than by an example: imagine an asset for which failures for two parts get predicted: a motor and a monitor. For both parts, the predictive analytics system is capable of predicting 40 out of every 100 failures with high accuracy.
Here are some of the questions the eventual user of of […]


M2M Now Blog: Smart connected products: Changing daily life

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Mario Montag was a guest blogger for M2M Now. For the direct blog posting, click HERE.

Smart connected products are changing how we make, sell, and use things. The impacts of this new dynamic include changes to the competitive landscape, product designs, and how value is created for customers. These shifts will affect every industry.

Smart connected products will enable the rise of a new IT-driven era of productivity and growth for companies, customers, and the global […]


Our CEO presented at AASA conference

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Mario Montag was the keynote speaker at the AASA Technology Conference in Florida this week.  The topic was “Predicting Parts Performance in the Field.”  There were 175 participants discussing how technology is impacting the automotive after market segments.

“We are all very aware that technology is changing and, to some extent, disrupting the way we do business in the independent aftermarket.” – Opening remarks from Chris Gardner, vice president of marketing and member services of AASA, […]


Predikto Engineer Wins TAG YP Technologist of the Year Award!

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Update: Will McGinnis WON the TAG Young Professionals One In A Millennial Technologist Award.  Well done!

One of Predikto’s own engineers, Will McGinnis, has been selected as a finalist in the TAG (Technology Association of Georgia) Young Professionals’ One In A Millennial Awards in the Technologist of the Year category. The winners will be announced at the banquet on Wednesday, September 23rd, at General Assembly in Ponce City Market.

At the banquet, there will be a keynote […]


Consumer IoT solutions are cool, but useless?

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It seems everyone is doing something with the “Internet of Things”, just like everyone was in “Big Data” 3 years ago, now it’s all about the “IoT”. But what are we actually gaining from all of these connected devices? I now have a page full of apps on my smartphone for all these devices, and sure that’s cool, and man do they make a cool demo at the slue of now IoT trade shows but […]


Deploying Predictive Analytics (PdA) as an Operational Improvement Solution: A few things to consider

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“…in data science…many decisions must be made and there’s a lot of room to be wrong…”

There are a good number of software companies out there who claim to have developed tools that can potentially deploy a PdA solution to enhance operational performance. Some of these packages appear to be okay, some claim that they are really good, and others seem really ambiguous other than being a tool that a data scientist might use to slice and dice data. What’s missing from […]


The Scalability of Data Science: Part 3 – Reality Check  

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You’re an operations manager, or even a CEO. Let’s say you have a big predictive analytics initiative and need to deploy several instances of your solution. What are your options? Ok, go ahead and hire a team of 5 data scientists, each with a relatively modest salary of $100k (US) per year (this is very conservative estimate). Now step back… You’ve just spent half a million dollars on staffing (plus the time for hiring, software procurement, etc.) […]