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Predictive Analytics for the Internet of Things


Industry 4.0 in a nutshell

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In a nutshell? It’s not about the machines! It’s about what ties them together.
The whole Industry 4.0 movement is drawing a lot of attention – and rightly so! Business leaders and policy makers alike underline the importance of the fourth industrial revolution to maintain some sort of a balance in a globally competing world. While for some businesses it makes perfect sense to compete on price alone, for others the focus on value (functionality, form […]


Maintenance optimization goals

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When asked about optimising maintenance, different angles can be explored.
First, maintenance optimization can target the outcome; i.e. better maintenance. Better maintenance should result in less failures between maintenance intervals. Additionally, better maintenance can target lower costs for the same outcome. Business process optimization is the usual approach to achieving these targets.

Today, I’d like to highlight two aspects of maintenance optimization that are at the heart of predictive analytics projects for maintenance. The first, and typically […]


Part removal economics

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You just installed the latest and greatest in predictive analytics and out come the first results. Now what?
Interpretation of the forecast is key. First and foremost it is crucial to understand that no two forecasts mean the same. Let’s take a couple of examples to see how specific forecasts could mean very different things to your operations. Parts A and B are both forecasted to fail with a equal likelihood over the next two weeks. […]


Data. The “other” four-letter word.

By |February 23rd, 2016|Categories: Predictive Analytics|

At Predikto, we work with customers who are OEMs, large-scale equipment operators, as well as some smaller operations. The volume of data they push to us ranges from a few megabytes per week to dozens of terabytes per month. Regardless of their transmission volume, every customer is tantalized by the prospect of what deploying predictive maintenance and predictive analytics solutions can do for their bottom line.

In many cases, there’s a hesitancy by corporations to trust […]


To wait or not to wait, that’s the question

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With everybody talking about predictive analytics, what should I do as manager of an aftermarket division?
Before launching any project, one should carefully evaluate one’s current and projected future position with regards to aftermarket services; are these critical to your competitive offering or not? Some companies choose to sell their goods and leave aftermarket services to third parties – i.e. the traditional automotive business model. Fair enough although even traditional approaches get challenged regularly – either […]


Life Expectancy of an Algorithm

By |February 8th, 2016|Categories: Predictive Analytics|

In our field of predictive analytics (asset health and failures), and I presume the same goes for other fields, there is a major misconception about what an algorithm represents. Speaking with business leaders and, more worryingly, practitioners too, about PdA and in most cases the conversation will turn to “and then we build the algorithm that describes the behaviour of…” Here’s some bad news for these people; many, if not most, assets can’t be described […]


Why do we need so much data?

By |February 2nd, 2016|Categories: Predictive Analytics|

Most of us remember the double slit experiment from our physics classes. For those who don’t, here’s a (very) short reminder: a light is shone through two fine slits and the resulting image is proof of the dual nature of light.
If that experiment is done with an emitter that can send single particles of light and the receptor is a photo-sensitive surface, an interesting phenomenon occurs; ‘looking at’ the receptor too soon (if it’s a photo […]


Help, my data’s all over the place!

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One of the main problems with any corporate IT project is getting all the data to the system. Data is generated in a multitude of systems and stored in just as many places and formats. Some data gets duplicated and/or transformed before stored in other systems. Rarely do even corporate IT departments know what is stored, where and in what format. Sometimes data is stored and nobody seems to know what it means… 
I visited a […]


A Texan’s guide to Predictive Maintenance

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Having lived in Texas I was always amused by the sayings. Most of the time they were polite and humorous ways to flag stupidity or make a point. So with that I will use some popular sayings to relay some best practices in a Predictive Maintenance project.

All hat and no cattle

A lot of companies start their predictive maintenance efforts with their current big iron vendors. I shake my head every time an IBM commercial comes […]


What do you mean, no spare?

By |January 22nd, 2016|Categories: Predictive Analytics|

Forecasting is only useful if the result is applicable… and to the point! I may have perfectly forecasted the weather but if I’m going to spend the whole day inside, this has no impact on me. This is the same with industrial applications. Current interest in predictive analytics results in plenty of pilot projects of which most focus on how well the forecast performs. To the non-initiated this means; out of every 100 failures, did […]