3 Steps to improve your Decision-Making process

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The ability to make high quality decision is central to any organization. The expansion of the volume, variety, and velocity of information make this ability increasingly difficult. With the state of current data explosion, decision-makers have to respond more quickly and with greater precision than ever.

To improve your decision-making process you should be considering the following:

Do not focus exclusively on historical experience┬áTraditionally, decisions have been made on the basis of anecdotal experience of domain experts. […]


Predictive Analytics-as-a-Service

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Murali recently joined our team as CTO and he has been helping Predikto with our messaging. He suggested we use the term Data Scientists-as-a-Service. I liked that idea and it morphed into Analytics-as-a-Service. Any solution, capability, or software enabled service can be delivered more efficiently through the cloud as an “as-a-Service” offering. This is exactly what Predikto is all about.

We want to shield our customers from complex technical jargon, statistical complexities and nuances, architectures and […]