Predictive Analytics-as-a-Service

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Murali recently joined our team as CTO and he has been helping Predikto with our messaging. He suggested we use the term Data Scientists-as-a-Service. I liked that idea and it morphed into Analytics-as-a-Service. Any solution, capability, or software enabled service can be delivered more efficiently through the cloud as an “as-a-Service” offering. This is exactly what Predikto is all about.

We want to shield our customers from complex technical jargon, statistical complexities and nuances, architectures and […]


Death of ERP as we know it

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Many organizations spend millions to implement large and complex enterprise applications to enable best in class IT solutions that result in “increased operational efficiencies”. I believe this strategy is crippling many mid to large sized organizations. Oracle and SAP are expensive, complicated, and robust applications that reduced risk from a CIO and CFOs perspective. But at what costs? I rarely see clients who achieved the ROI estimates they calculated prior to the significant investments.

Many C […]