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Predikto: Making Waves in IoT!

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The Internet of Things is generally defined as “Smart” + “Connected” + “Edge Devices” (Planes, Trains, Automobiles, Industrial & Farming Equipment, Medical Equipment, and Consumer Electronics)

Predikto focuses on putting the “smart” into managing smart connected devices, equipment and complex capital assets in order to forecast asset behavior/performance.

Industrial asset OEMs, operators and maintenance organizations are challenged by equipment performance degradation and failure as they impact uptime and efficiency. While reliability and condition-based solutions have been around […]


A Software Industry Veteran’s Take on Predictive Analytics

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I’m about 4 months into the job here at Predikto as VP, Sales.  The predictive analytics market is an exciting new market with predictably (pun intended) its share of hype.  Nevertheless, this is key niche of the Industrial Internet of Things sector. I’d like to share some observations on what I’ve learned thus far.

We focus on asset-intensive industries, helping organizations leverage the terabytes of data they have accumulated to anticipate the likelihood of an adverse […]


Deploying Predictive Analytics (PdA) as an Operational Improvement Solution: A few things to consider

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“…in data science…many decisions must be made and there’s a lot of room to be wrong…”

There are a good number of software companies out there who claim to have developed tools that can potentially deploy a PdA solution to enhance operational performance. Some of these packages appear to be okay, some claim that they are really good, and others seem really ambiguous other than being a tool that a data scientist might use to slice and dice data. What’s missing from […]


Railroad sensors are a huge swimming pool of data

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We like huge pools of data to tell interesting stories and help our clients improve safety and reliability. Railroad companies are capturing a lot of data and a potential client recently stated “We have a huge pool”.

Predikto met with a Class I railroad company in North America. They have 800 sensors installed across their thousands of miles of railroad track. The types of sensors included: – Hot wheel bearing detectors – Acoustic bearing detectors – […]


7 Railroad companies spend $9B in maintenance and still experience 23,000 failures / yr

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Class I railroad companies spend $9 Billion a year to maintain their network of 140,000 miles of rail, 28,000 locomotives, and 1.4M rail cars. Reliability has improved dramatically in the past 30 years, but they still experience about 23,000 equipment caused failures and 150 derailments each year.

Railroad companies must implement Predictive Analytics capabilities to take their operational performance to the next level. Railroad companies have invested in advanced monitoring technologies that are capturing a wealth […]