Bye ‘Big Data’. Hello ‘Smart Analytics’

John De Goes wrote an interesting blog posting on Venture Beat where he describes that the term “Big Data” is dead.  His arguments are strong and Predikto agrees with his statements.  We run into the term Big Data and Predictive Analytics a lot.  In many cases it does not apply and people have not agreed on a definition for Big Data.  Sometimes we see vendors using Predictive Analytics when their software or technology solution does not predict the future using machine learning or statistical methods.  The “Predictive Analytics” technology just sends an automated notification using advanced GUI to someone to react once a sensor has reached a threshold.  We also run into many cases where someone talks big data, but you can open the CSV files in Excel.

Predikto, like John De Goes, like the term smart data, but we like to focus on analytics that enables an action that impacts the bottom line.  We call this “Smart Analytics”.  When you combine the human skills from smart scientists, developers, process experts, and infrastructure gurus, with the technologies used to enable solutions, you have a winning combination.  It’s this careful balance of combining all components into a solution that enables an action that makes it really challenging and really FUN.