Replace intuition with predictions

Many industrial manufacturing companies run a reactive maintenance organization. That means they wait for things to break before replacing parts. Studies have proven that running a preventive maintenance plan reduces expenses by up to 75% in the long run.  The challenge is that many of the Preventive Maintenance schedules were developed on intuition.  Changing the oil filter once a year is enough.  Most organizations are sitting on a wealth of data like prior downtimes (failures), work orders, parts, and the rich information captured in the indicators / meters.

Predikto has the skills and technology to analyze the maintenance data in order to provide a preventive maintenance plan and predictions to help reduce failures and reduce the overall cost of maintenance.

With Predictive Maintenance, organizations can spend less time and fewer resources repairing things too early or avoiding fixes when it is too late. Industry studies have documented cost reductions in the 3-5X range for catching problems early as opposed to catching a problem once there is significant damage to the equipment. Companies can spend more time focusing on what will happen next and be smarter about the preventive maintenance. It is much easier to fix a problem before it happens rather than reacting after the production floor has come to a screeching halt.

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