Traditional Predictive Maintenance is missing a key component

Predictive Analytics complements and improves on traditional DCS, vibration, and other systems making up traditional predictive maintenance practices. These predictive systems are not intended to provide early warning. Rather, they are deployed to prevent significant equipment damage or failure.

Traditional monitoring systems are set to detect and prevent catastrophic damage. Alert levels must be set relatively broadly in order to prevent false alarms due to a wide range of operating conditions. Once a potential failure is detected, the time an operator has before equipment functional failure is often very brief, thereby limiting the options available to correct the situation.

Predictive Analytic software by using statistical models leverages existing infrastructure and systems to provide analysis and earlier warning of emerging issues.  Instead of reacting to the emergency alarm, statistical models for predictive analytics can give you warnings days in advance.

Predikto has developed these predictive analytics models.  Give us a call to see if your data and maintenance processes qualify.

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