7 Railroad companies spend $9B in maintenance and still experience 23,000 failures / yr


Class I railroad companies spend $9 Billion a year to maintain their network of 140,000 miles of rail, 28,000 locomotives, and 1.4M rail cars. Reliability has improved dramatically in the past 30 years, but they still experience about 23,000 equipment caused failures and 150 derailments each year.

Railroad companies must implement Predictive Analytics capabilities to take their operational performance to the next level. Railroad companies have invested in advanced monitoring technologies that are capturing a wealth of information. Unfortunately, this data is not being used to predict likely failures in the future.

Predikto invites you to attend a live 30 minute webinar that highlights the ways Predictive Analytics can have a significant impact in railroad reliability and cost reductions.

Attendees will learn:
– How railroad companies are using Predictive Analytics
– How to prepare and get started with Predictive Analytics
– 5 specific examples where data you are capturing today can be used to improve reliability

Join a 30min webinar to learn more about Predictive Analytics in the Railroad Industry.