Railroad sensors are a huge swimming pool of data

We like huge pools of data to tell interesting stories and help our clients improve safety and reliability. Railroad companies are capturing a lot of data and a potential client recently stated “We have a huge pool”.

Predikto met with a Class I railroad company in North America. They have 800 sensors installed across their thousands of miles of railroad track. The types of sensors included: – Hot wheel bearing detectors – Acoustic bearing detectors – Dragging Equipment Detectors – Wheel impact load detectors (WILD) – Cracked Wheel Detection (Machine Visioning)

The entire railroad industry has heavily invested in sensors and technology to improve reliability, safety, and velocity. 2012 was the highest safety track record in railroad history. Clearly, these guys are doing something right. What is amazing is the wealth of data they are capturing and the lack of predictive analytics to enable additional reliability improvements. We should not be surprised since accurate, relevant, and actionable predictive analytics is very challenging. Predikto is finding a huge void in organizations of all shapes and sizes in their ability to tell a story (more specifically, to predict future reliability) by carefully dissecting and analyzing their own data. We see this as a great opportunity to make an impact and improve railroad safety, reliability, and improve operating efficiency.