The Predikto “Edge” in Predictive Analytics

Our SaaS (Software as a Service) solution offering draws the raw data for each asset, develops a customized program to manage the raw data, carries out a particular analysis, and generates a report to suite the needs of the client. Generally, the data programming itself is so complex and customized that it takes longer to run than the statistical model. This pre-analysis component is really the magic of Predikto as there is much more to the raw data than meets the eye (even among most “experts”). Many contexts of reality are built into our models that are not directly captured in EAM/CMMS software. In fact, much of our edge comes from being able to see beyond the raw data and our inter-disciplinary infrastructure (statistics, engineering, and social/behavioral science) really makes our product unique. Trust me when I say that the logic in the programming is really something special and if there is a relationship between your readings and your downtimes, we’ll find it and provide you with the most accurate predictions possible.

Programming Complexity