Can this IT solution enable an ACTION, if not, don’t waste my time

It is getting tougher to get a buck out of people and enterprises. In the enterprise software and services world, high end technology resource skills that were in high demand 15 years have become a commodity. Software and hardware prices keep dropping. Offshore resources are getting better at providing competent work for a much lower price. C level executives have an ocean of companies (large and small) who they can hire to perform the software services tasks of the past. So why is this important? People in first world countries will have to adapt if they want to stay competitive in the enterprise software & services world.

To stay competitive and critical, people will have to shift towards cutting edge technologies like advanced analytics and combine them with relevant industry expertise to provide solutions to clients that impact the bottom line. Technology generalist companies will die and experts in a particular technology or industry delivered via the SaaS is the name of the game. Marrying machine and man together to provide truly impacting solutions to enterprises is the current and future of technology and services. Software for the sake of capturing a business process on a database for consistency is old news and does not add much value. Automation and predictions to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time to enable that person to make a critical action is the current need of enterprises. Technology that does not enable this action is not meaningful. In Real Estate you hear the term location, location, location. For software and technology solutions, the current need is action, action, action. If you can’t enable your clients to perform an action more effectively, then your solution does not really impact the bottom line.