3 Golden Rules to Reduce Equipment Downtime

Reduce equipment downtime with predictive analytics

The biggest losses incurred by manufacturing plants are often resulted from equipment downtime. A breakdown in any unit of the production chain can cause delays to batches of products which will roll over into more costs, excluding the loss of revenue. These are costs too high for even the largest manufacturing plants to bear.

To avoid the pains of equipment downtime, we should adopt the following golden rules:

  1. Adopt a lean production line: Recommendations can be on redundancies to be removed in the production line. This would eliminate the potential for downtime due to equipment failure. For example, since air compressors are vital to plant operations, a redundant system minimizes the possibility of system failure.
  2. Having a standardized maintenance schedule: An effective maintenance program reduces the wear and tear on machines, saves on repairs and replacements while extending the life cycle of your equipment. Collaborate with equipment vendors to design a formal program and train employees to carry out this maintenance.
  3. Automation of solutions: Investments in automations can greatly improve equipment’s reliability. It allows different units of machinery to communicate with one another and plan for demand to maximize operational efficiency and the cycle of equipment life.

Predictive Analytics tools are a combination of these 3 rules. It can generate valuable insights and actionable predictions for maintenance schedules while reducing redundancy in production lines by cutting production lines lean. It can also generate dynamic charts and graphs as visuals to predict demand and allow for the automation of solutions.