Forget the Big Data technology chat and ask “How will I use this?”


The Industrial Internet of Things is going to revolutionize the way enterprises interact with their assets and equipment. Bill Ruh, VP of Global Software Center at GE, says GE expects there will be 17 Billion unique pieces of equipment by 2015 and only 10% of the devices are equipped with sensors today. Most of the equipment with sensors lacks the basic intelligence they hope to have in the future which is to tell them when something has gone very wrong.

Predikto Analytics is on the front lines working with asset intensive organizations that have equipment with sensors to help provide actionable predictions and prioritize preventative maintenance based on the equipment condition. We continue to see great products and tools hit the market with the goal of helping companies “Crunch” the big data, but the issue is not so much crunching the data, but being able to have a business or operational purpose to the data crunching.

We encourage enterprises to ask “How am I going to use this technology?” The actionable piece of the solution is sometimes left to an after thought. We at Predikto Analytics start the conversation with the action our customers will take with the big data predictive analytics solutions we offer.