Hello 2016 – New Company Values

This past year was a year of expansion and learning for Predikto. We added amazing team members, customers, and learned a lot. We kickoff 2016 with a clear mission: To harness the power of predictive analytics to optimize operational performance. Our focus in Rail and Aviation has also helped us have more meaningful conversations with our prospects and customers.

Last month, we held a series of sessions and workshops to help get our internal processes in better shape. We wanted to improve the way we run our teams and business. Part of the outcome from one of these sessions was our new company values. We have not changed our values in 3 years, and we are clearly a very different company from when we started. Our new values reflect our culture and what we find to be critical to our ability to create an amazing place to work and create amazing solutions for our customers.

  1. People first: We are a people first startup. We value our people above anything else. If we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers. We can’t impact our customers without our people.
  1. Focus on impact: We are building software, processes, and solutions that can significantly impact our customers. We started Predikto with a large goal to impact asset reliability in a big way. Our customers are big organizations spread globally. Everything we do is laser focused to ensure we impact our customers in a big way.
  1. Move Fast: Speed is critical to our ability to show value quickly, fail quickly, learn quickly, and explore the right solution for our customers quickly. Speed also enables us to compete against huge fortune 100 companies in our space as well.
  1. Be Bold: We think big and we expect a lot from our customers and our people. We qualify our customers to ensure they are ready to embrace and operationalize a new way of managing their fleets. We want customers who are ready to significantly move the needle in a big way. We have learned our lessons and shy away from science experiments. We even suggest to prospects to go hire Big Blue first before working with us.
  1. Be Open: We are a very transparent organization. Our people know how much money we have in the bank, our deal structures, our pipeline, our risks, our wins, and our losses. We are also very open with our customers sharing areas where we are confident in our abilities to make a big impact and areas where we lack the expertise. Our technology is very disruptive, but it is not for every asset class or every reliability problem.
  1. Have Fun: If we are not having fun, then what is the point. My stress levels and work schedule are insanely high, but I am having a blast. I would not change anything in my life. We do a nice job of balancing hard work with our ability to have a good time. Our team is made up of very different personalities. We can have a good laugh about our unique quirkiness while at the same time respecting each other.
  1. Act with Integrity: We are a SaaS cloud platform where we store our customers’ data in EU and US environments. We take this very seriously and integrity is critical to our ability to protect our customer’s information and ensure their trust.

So there you have it, our new company values are outlined above.  I am excited about 2016 and our journey through this rollercoaster. We have all the right people, backers, partners, and customers to make a big impact in Rail and Aviation fleet reliability.