Railroad Risk Reduction Program – Making Railroads Safer

Predikto is embarking in a new initiative to help Class I railroad companies to achieve compliance with the Risk Reduction Program (RRP) mandated by the Rail Safety Improvement Act.

The primary objective of the Risk Reduction Program is ensuring the safety of the nation’s railroads by evaluating safety risks and managing those risks in order to reduce the numbers and rates of accidents, incidents, injuries and fatalities. The requirement is not a one time exercise but is ongoing to promote safety improvement.  It also requires a proactive, analytical  approach to identify potential risks and failures and it requires railroads to implement actions to mitigate the risks before they can occur.  A Risk Reduction Program by statute must include a Fatigue Management Plan.

The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) will reconvene in April of 2014 with RSAC with final draft of CFR 271 Notice of Proposed Rule Making.