Strategic Technology Trends in 2013

Gartner released late last year the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013.

Gartner defines a strategic technology as one with the potential for significant impact on the enterprise in the next three years. Factors that denote significant impact include a high potential for disruption to IT or the business, the need for a major dollar investment, or the risk of being late to adopt.

A strategic technology may be an existing technology that has matured and/or become suitable for a wider range of uses. It may also be an emerging technology that offers an opportunity for strategic business advantage for early adopters or with potential for significant market disruption in the next five years. These technologies impact the organization’s long-term plans, programs and initiatives.

The list includes a few options for mobile, cloud, big data, and memory computing. One of these trends caught our eye because we at Predikto are laser focused on “Actionable Analytics”. This is how Gartner described this top technology trend:

Actionable Analytics:  Analytics is increasingly delivered to users at the point of action and in context. With the improvement of performance and costs, IT leaders can afford to perform analytics and simulation for every action taken in the business. The mobile client linked to cloud-based analytic engines and big data repositories potentially enables use of optimization and simulation everywhere and every time. This new step provides simulation, prediction, optimization and other analytics, to empower even more decision flexibility at the time and place of every business process action.

We are excited to see such a push away from plain Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and more towards actionable solutions leveraging predictions and process optimizations to add significant value to our customers.

Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle 2012 by Gartner

The graph below is from the Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle 2012 published by Gartner. Big Data, Machine to Machine Communications, and Predictive Analytics are positioned well to enable organizations to adopt these technologies.

These technologies make up the Predikto sweet spot. Coupling these trends with Actionable Analytics are key to enabling organizations to make impacts to their bottom line.

I was surprised to see Big Data so far to the left on this curve, but Gartner is usually very good about capturing enough data and KPIs to support their research.

Gartner Hype Cycle 2012
Gartner Hype Cycle 2012